Floyds Fork DRO
Jefferson County Division of Planning and Development Services

Trees and Vegetation

a. Existing wooded areas, in addition to the riparian buffer strip, should be retained wherever possible. al_zone5.jpg (12306 bytes)Hillside vegetation in particular should be preserved. (Note: For more information concerning tree and vegetation protection contact the Jefferson County Planning Commission.)

b. Wooded areas shown on the development plan as being retained should be preserved and maintained in healthy condition. As trees die or are removed, replacements should be provided.

c. Compacting and grading of soil by construction vehicles under the drip lines of trees and wooded areas intended to be retained should be minimized.

d. Where grading within wooded areas is necessary, distributed areas should be seeded to a shade tolerant plant species and mulched with straw.

e. Proposed major subdivisions should indicate the limits of the site disturbance area for each lot being created. The site disturbance area should be shown in relation to environmental constraints: slopes over 20%, floodplains and wet soils.

f. Proposed major subdivisions should indicate existing wooded areas to be retained and to be removed. The location of existing trees exceeding 18" in diameter at a point 54" above the ground that would be removed should be shown on the plan.

g. Temporary protective fences should surround features to be preserved during the construction process. Features to be preserved shall be defined during the review process (e.g., trees, slopes, historical and archeological site.)

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