Floyds Fork DRO
Jefferson County Division of Planning and Development Services

Drainage and Water Quality

a. On site wastewater disposal systems should be located to minimizeal_zone6.jpg (8501 bytes) potential water pollution. Lateral fields should be sited at least 150 feet from the ordinary high water mark of a stream shown on Map A.

b. Areas identified as wetlands in studies approved by government agencies should be preserved in their natural state. Drainage, flooding patterns and any hydrologic system(s) needed to sustain the wetlands should not be altered. Existing vegetation and wildlife habitat should be preserved.

c. To avoid soil loss, property damage, pollution and clean-up costs, an erosion and sediment control plan should be submitted for major subdivisions and other developments with potentially significant water quality impacts. Guidelines found in the Soil Erosion and Sediment Control Practices Section of MSD’s design manual currently in effect are to be used when preparing an erosion and sediment control plan. Additional information on this topic is available from Planning Commission staff.

d. Runoff from impervious surfaces should be conveyed in a manner that minimizes erosion. Natural stormwater channels are preferred over manmade materials such as conveyances constructed of concrete.

e. Adequate provision should be made to prevent any storm or surface water from damaging the cut face of any excavation or the sloping face of any fill. When necessary for protection of critical areas, diversion ditches or terraces should be provided.

f. Developers of major subdivisions should plant, water and maintain vegetative cover on graded slopes on each unsold property until all properties have been sold.

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