Russ Barnett

Russ is the director of the Kentucky Institute for Environmental and Sustainable Development. His role in this project was to be the liason between the University of Louisville and Eastern High School.

The history of Kentucky Institute for the Environment and Sustainable Development and mission statement.

The Kentucky Institute for the Environment and Sustainable Development (KIESD) at the University of Louisville has begun its fourth year. Through research, education, and advocacy, KIESD tries to highlight connections between the environment and the economy, and between academia, government, and industry. We try to bring public attention on the need to develop the economy in harmony with natural systems which work for people in their communities.

The Institute is comprised of eight thematic program centers. These Centers are each based in a school or college within the University; as a result, each is a multidisciplinary effort that draws faculty and resources primarily from its own academic unit. However, each Center has been mandated to develop outreach policies that will encourage affiliation with industry, the government, and other academic departments to ensure successful overall programs.

The University of Louisville Kentucky Institute for the Environment and Sustainable Development (KIESD), created in July 1992, will play an active role in providing a neutral source of multidisciplinary research and analysis, and consultation on local, state, national and global environmental-related issues. In support of this goal, KIESD has the following objectives:

1.provide a comprehensive resource center to which those with environmental problems can turn for expertise, analytical evaluation, and information;

2.strengthen the environmental research base at the University of Louisville and facilitate interdisciplinary collaborative efforts of researchers so that multidisciplinary approaches can be applied to environmental issues;

3.develop and implement a series of courses and seminar that will enable government, industry, and the University faculty to understand better the problems each encounters in formulating environmental policy and establishing an environmentally conscious management program;

4.incorporate environmental themes and courses into University curricula, preparing students for environment and development challenges of the 21st century; and

5.serve as a forum for communicating problems and mediating differences arising among government, industry, and the community.


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