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Ryan Baltzley
Candace Bowen
Natasha Bowie
Justin Bryant
Christi Burton
James Carbone
Natalie Cisowski
Nicole Cisowski
Emily Davis
Ben Dean

Amelia Farmer
Kari Gaddie
Cassie Heavrin
Katie Herrick
Amanda Hoover
Kandra Keene
Joe Kirchner
Brian Massey
Michelle Merrifield
Charles Miller

McKinley Neal
Melissa Raque
Rebecka Sea
Annie Simkins
Jennifer Smith
Charles Taylor
Jeffrey Thornton
Lindsay Weber
Darlene Wheeler
Jessica Wiser

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[Mr. Moeller period 3] [Mr. Horan's Class 1]

[Mr. Horan's Class 2] [Mr. Reed's 1st period] [Mr. Rickert 4th period]

[Western Middle School] [Brown & Valley]

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commercial arts class


proofers and keyboardist