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Lisa Civello
Robert Corey
Nathaniel Destefano
Adam Downey
Kelli Doyle
Tiffany Durtche
Brad Friars
Amy Gabhart
Brad Gangler
Darrell Garrett Jr.

Laquisha Huffman
Beth Johnson
Elizabeth Jones
Matt McCormick
Brandon Parker
Charles Phillips
Julie Piatt
Lauren Raupach
Stephen Reece
Maggie Russell

Aaron Setters
Thomas Stowers
Kerrie Suzan
Matthew Tucker
Allyson Vena
Anna Waldrop
Cat Weinand
Doug Wise
James Wright
Brittney Young

[Mr. Moeller period 1] [Mr. Moeller period 2]

[Mr. Moeller period 3] [Mr. Horan's Class 1]

[Mr. Horan's Class 2] [Mr. Reed's 1st period] [Mr. Rickert 4th period]

[Western Middle School] [Brown & Valley]

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commercial arts class


proofers and keyboardist