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There are two different class periods working on the Floyds Fork project. A 5th period class and a 6th period class. When the 6th period group began to collect and organize information about Floyds Fork, it became very clear that we needed more help, a structure was absolutely necessary. The members of the 6th period class are also members of the 5th period class. The purpose of the 6th period class is to develop audience, purpose, design, and the "Overview" of the website. This is to be done while managing the 5th period class’ production of content and information.

The 5th period Commercial Art class was incorporated to implement the design and creating the content of the webpage. Each member of the 6th period class started with 3 or 4 other students in their group, and each group was given a specific topic. The seven topics are the following: Analysis of Land, Flora & Fauna, Environmental Resources, Transportation, History of Floyds Fork, Recreation, and Creators. Each group researched and then developed webpages based on these topics.


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