cr_moeller1.jpg (10587 bytes)This section of the Floyds Fork web site is dedicated to those who have contributed to the creation of all that you see on this web site. There are three main categories of creators.  These categories are Financiers, Advisors, and Schools.

The Financiers section is a recognition to those state organizations and companies that funded the Floyds Fork web site and made it possible.

     The Advisors section recognizes those individuals who have devoted some of their time to helping in the creation of this site.

     The Schools section recognizes those students in respective schools that have researched and compiled all the information you see on this site, which includes the actual construction of the web site itself.

     The creators of this web site wish to thank those individuals who have contributed information that has been vital to the creation of this web site.


Sandy Lamb and Andrea Wright - Floyds Fork tour

Pamela J. Bennett - Director Indiana Historical Bureau

Ken Cooke - KY Water Watch

Molly Thompson - UWEX Environmental Resources Center - Univ. of Wisconsin

Tina Halberg - Floyds Fork Environmental Association

Jeff Frank - Future Fund

Demetrio P. Zourarakis, Ph.D. - Geoprocessing Specialist II, Natural Resources and Environmental Protection Cabinet - OIS - GIS Branch

Kurt Mason - National Resources Service - U.S. Department of Agriculture

Julie Brumback Smither - Kentucky Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Programs

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