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Smart! Multimedia was asked to participate in a partnership with Eastern High School to develop a web site for Floyds Fork. The students had previously entered all the data from the management plan and had even created sample front and category pages. After several meetings with the students and the other participating interests( Jefferson County Dept. of Planning and Environmental Management, Blackacre Nature Preserve, MSD LOJIC, Russ Barker) the complexity of this multifaceted website was realized, there was a wide range of current and future user groups, there was a huge database to organize, and there were a number of separate goals to be attained.

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     Smart! determined that the first place to start was to plan the information structure. This was attained by forming discussion groups with the participants and creators. At this point in time more comprehensive and appropriate solutions were arrived at.  Thematic options were addressed and a mini -program where each student would design his or her own web page was developed. This process not only revealed each individual's strengths and weaknesses (this is an extraordinarily talented group with many strengths) but it also developed an appreciation of design as an element, a communication component and at times, a collaborative effort.

     This has been an exciting partnership to be involved with.


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