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Taft Silt Loam is a somewhat poorly drained soil on low lying terraces along creeks.  Normally the plow layer is dark grayish-brown, friable slit loam.  The upper part of the subsoil is mottled brownish-gray and yellowish-brown, friable silty clay loam.  The lower part is mottled gray, brown, and olive silty clay loam that is compact and brittle.  This lower part, which begins at a depth of 14 to 21 inches, is a fragipan.  It limits the depth of the root zone and restricts the movement of water.

The plow layer is low in organic matter content but nevertheless is easy to till.  It can be plowed and cultivated under ideal moisture conditions during a short time only.  Most of the time it is too wet.  The natural fertility is moderately low, but the wetness is a more limiting factor.  The reaction is strongly acid.  The moisture-supplying capacity is moderately low, and crop yields generally are reduced because of insufficient moisture.

This soil is not subject to erosion, so under good management it can be cultivated continuously.  The choice of crops, however, are limited.  The most suitable are those that tolerate some wetness.  Surface drainage helps to remove excess water.

Representative profile:





0 to 6 inches

dark grayish-brown

friable silt loam


6 to 17 inches

mottled light brownish-gray and yellowish-brown

friable silt loam and silty clay loam

weak, blocky structure

17 to 33 inches

mottled gray, brown, and olive

firm silty clay loam

compact and brittle (fragipan)

33 to 40+ inches


firm silty clay or silty clay loam

yellowish-brown mottles; massive


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