Collecting Data

Streamflow and water quality measurements were made at the 17 sites in the Floyds Fork basin starting at the Oldham-Jefferson county line and extending to Bullitt County near the Floyds Fork mouth.  These measurements were taken during relatively low-flow conditions from July 24 to July 27, 1991.  Measurements were also made near the mouth of other tributaries.  They were taken during hot weather conditions because a stream is most stressed during warm and hot temperatures.  No major rainfall occurred for the two weeks before or during the tests.           

Measurements for dissolved oxygen, water temperature,pg_dip.jpg (26569 bytes) specific conductance, and pH were made using a Hydrolab model 4041 portable water quality meter.  Quality control measurements of dissolved oxygen using the Winkler Titration method were done at the first site each morning and throughout the day to guarantee accuracy.  Dissolved oxygen and water temperature were also measured hourly during the day for periods from 21 to 25 hours at six locations in Floyds Fork using two Hydrolab automatic Datasonde I units.  The locations were Floyds Fork at:

  • Highway 362

  • Floyds Fork at Fisherville

  • Floyds Fork at Seatonville Road

  • Floyds Fork at Bardstown Road

  • Floyds Fork at Highway 1526

  • Floyds Fork at mile 2.5 behind a subdivision off Highway 44.              Dissolved oxygen measurements were made when setting and removing the Datasonde I units (a water testing procedure) to get accurate data.  This data was later compared with the field measurements.  

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