Compared Results

Conditions for this area were considered low flow in 1991. However,pg_tube.jpg (18037 bytes) comparison to measurements made by the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) in 1988 indicate that flow can be considerably lower than was measured, especially in the lower reaches of the basin.  The USGS has measured flow as low as 1.2 cubic feet per second (cfs), and has had measurements between 3 and 4 cfs in Floyds Fork at Bardstown Road. During the 1991 study, 7.1 cfs were measured at that location.  The USGS has measured 1.1 cfs in lower Chenoweth Run and 0.09 cfs in Pope Lick.  However, measurements of 2.1 and 0.51 cfs were measured at those points during the study. 

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