Water Stations

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There are water quality testing facilities along the Floyds Fork. Their positions are at:

  • Floyds Fork at Highway 362, mile 45.7

  • An unnamed tributary at Highway 362, mile 0.1

  • Floyds Fork at Aiken Road, mile 43.2

  • Chenoweth Run (upper) at Beckley St. Road, mile 0.4

  • Floyds Fork at Shelbyville Road, mile 38.7

  • Floyds Fork at end of Beckley St. Road, mile 36.2

  • Floyds Fork at Fisherville, mile 32.8

  • Pope Lick Creek near mouth, mile 0.1

  • Floyds Fork at Floyds Fork Park , mile 24.6

  • Chenoweth Run (lower) at Seatonville Road, mile 0.3

  • Floyds Fork at Broad Run Road, mile 21.6

  • Floyds Fork at Bardstown Road, mile 18.7

  • Cedar Creek near mouth, mile 0.1

  • Floyds Fork at Highway 1526, mile 7.4

  • Brooks Run at Highway 61, mile 1.7

  • Floyds Fork behind subdivision off Highway 44, mile 2.5


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