Importance of Plants

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Plants are very important to Floyds Fork.  Through all of their different species and locations they all supply important things.  The plants provide food and shelter for the animals that live in Floyds Fork.  The plants also help to protect the land from erosion.  The roots keep a firm grip on the soil so that during rainy periods the soil will not wash away.  The plantlife of Floyds Fork is also beautiful to look at.  The flora provides a wonderful picture of serenity and peace.   Outings would not be as enjoyable if you couldn't lay beneath a large tree for a nice shady nap.  Watching the rabbits scamper through the grasses can be pleasing and relaxing.  The homes of these creatures, and the protection for the land as well as providers for our enjoyment, the plants of Floyds Fork are very important.

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importance of plants