Oak-Hickory Woodland

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These woodlands tend to be drier areas and border Floyds Fork.  The dominant trees are: oak, hickory, and black locust. The submissive trees are basswood and yellow buckeye. The shrubs include strawberry-bushes, wild hydrangea, and papaw. The vines are poison ivy, greenbriers, fox grape, and Virginia Creeper. General ground cover consists of white snakeroot, Virginia knotweed, fall phlox, sticktights, cleavers, and tall bellflower. The herbaceous vegetation is showy in the springtime with wildflowers including bloodroot, wild ginger, wild geranium, cutleaf toothwart, may-apple, and jack-in-the-pulpit. 

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There are also many different species of animals that live in this habitat type including various land dwellers and birds.

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oak-hickory woodlands

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