The Fisher House

ht_fisher.jpg (18130 bytes) Located at 15103 Old Taylorsville Road, this two story frame house was built in 1834-35. It was built in two stages: first, the rear section of brick was built, probably as a hall-parlor facing east toward Floyds Fork.The two story frame was added after 1879, and the house was reoriented to face Taylorsville Road.

In 1834, the Fishers bought land on the Floyds Fork area, including a mill which had existed since 1823. John Fisher died in 1845, and Robert Fisher continued to operate the flour mill till his death in 1850. The house was bought by Dr. Stephen H. Reid in 1854. He died in 1870, but his wife owned the house for many years after. Some of the Reid family is buried in the graveyard that is in front of the house. John H. Gilliland bought the house from Mrs. Reid.  Since the Fishers where such well know people who owned the mills the land on both sides of Taylorsville Road is now known as the town of Fisherville.

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