John Floyd

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John Floyd, an early surveyor and military figure in Kentucky, was born in 1750 in what is now Amherst County, Virginia.  He is the son of William and Abadiah (Davis) Floyd.  His father, of Welsh descent, was a small but apparently successful planter.  Floyd's educational background is unknown, but his penmanship and spelling were above average for his time.  John Floyd served a term in a British prison. 
In the fall of 1779 the couple, with an infant son and other family members, set out overland for the falls of Ohio, where Floyd surveyed 2,000 acres in 1774 and had purchased the rights to it.  There he established Floyds Station, one of six fortified stations along the middle fork of Beargrass creek, and in January 1781 was placed in command of all Jefferson County militia units.  Floyd was fatally wounded in an Indian ambush on April 9, 1783, on the way to a militia gathering at Bullit's Lick, near Slat River in present-day Bullitt County.

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