The Abraham Funk House

Located at 12500 Seatonville Road, the Abraham Funk House is a two-story, five-bay Greek Revival style frame house built by Abraham Funk about 1866. Abraham Funk was a son of Peter Funk who came to Jefferson County in about 1795. Abraham was born in1822 and in 1849 married Ellen A. Taylor of Spencer County. A mill, once located behind the house on Floyds Fork, is believed to have been built by John Mundle (or Mundell) prior to 1880. The mill was acquired by the Funk family before 1877. In 1863, Peter Funk gave his son Abraham title to 308 acres on Floyds Fork known as the Funk's Mill tract. Abraham had evidently lived on the tract since at least 1857, because his name appears in that location on an 1858 map of Jefferson County. The house is thought to have been built about 1866, because that date is carved into a stone step. The mill ceased operation in 1875. Funk continued to live on the tract and after his death in 1906, the property was sold by his heirs. The present owners are B.A. and Nettie Baker. The house is still in use as a residence.

The Abraham Funk House is important as the only surviving part of the Funk's Mill site. The mill, which was in operation from the 1780's until about 1876, was widely known in this area of the County, and the present Billtown Road was originally named the Funk's Mill Road. 

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