The Gilliland House

1601 Gilliland Road, is a two-story, three-bay log house over which clapboard siding was at one time added.  the house has two exterior, stone chimneys with steep shoulders, and is a good example of an early log structure.  A one-story addition to the house was constructed around 1900.  The clapboard siding has been removed, exposing the logs.  in its current condition, the house is exposed to the elements, and is therefore, endangered.  It is in need of restoration. ht_gilliand.jpg (13640 bytes)

The Gilliland family came from Ireland around 1800 and settled in the Fisherville. area.   John Gilliland bought his land on Floyds Fork in 1830, and it is likely that he built his house soon afterward.  The house has been owned by the Gilliland family for over 150 years.  the current owners are Kenneth D. and Katie B. Gilliland.

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