The Yager House

ht_yager.JPG (40778 bytes)Located on Aiken Road, the Yager House is one of the most interesting nineteenth century stone houses existing in Jefferson County. It is a one-and-a-half-story stone house with a frame ell at the rear. The four-bay facade has two front doors and a portico with a front gable and plain Tuscan columns span the central bays.

The two front doors are a unique feature in this area and perhaps reflect the German origins of the builder. Two front doors are often found on houses in areas of Pennsylvania where Germans settled. The house has two interior stone chimneys at each gable end of the main block. Behind the house, there is a one-story, v-notched, saddlebag log outbuilding.

ht_logbuilding.JPG (50012 bytes)

The stone house may have been built by Silas Benjamin Yager about 1830-32. The log house or outbuilding may date from the early 1800's and was possibly built by David Forsythe or one of his sons, James or David, Jr. The Forsythes owned a portion of the property as early as 1806. Silas Yager first acquired land on Floyds Fork in the Aiken Road area in 1830. He continued to buy land for the next 25 years, and much of his land traces back to tracts owned early by the Forsythes.

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