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Kentucky ranks second only to Alaska in navigable water. Our 1200 miles of running streams make water a part of almost all of our adventures. Recreational resources range from calm lakes to crystal clear trout streams, to class IV White water trips. Our team-building activities utilizing canoes, guarantees a fun, refreshing adventure for all participants.

As Far as Floyd’s Fork goes, it is a class I+ watershed.  A Class I stream is just about the slowest stream; basically, moving water qualifies. Floyd’s Fork is canoeable downstream of highway 1408. The current is usually about 2.6 to 5 mph.

There are dangers on this low-class level as any other stream. Some of them include numerous deadfalls and logjams. Most bridges are good haven to canoe launches. One formally known canoe launch site is the Fairmount Road ford, but it is closed now to all unauthorized traffic.


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