Floyds Fork is an excellent area for recreational hiking.   Floyds Fork offers allimage16.jpg (12975 bytes) different levels of terrain for the beginning or experienced hiker.  One of the more attractive features of the Floyds Fork watershed is the beautiful scenery and lush foliage.

rocket_3-4150.jpg (7789 bytes)    If you are an inexperienced hiker, there are several pieces of equipment that you should carry with you. A wise choice  is a backpack with bottled water, a flashlight, and some kind of food.  Also a good item to take with you is a walking stick, so that you will be able to get better traction on rough terrain.


There are also several points of interest that will please the aesthetic hiker.  Off ofimage03.jpg (11482 bytes) Beckley Station Road are beautiful views of the forest, wooded hills, and some farm land.  A scenic limestone cliff is off of Piercy Mill Road.  A beautiful bridge is visible from Taylorsville Road and Pope Lick Road.   Also visible from there is the amazing park landscape and beautiful farmland.


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