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D0743B5.jpg (44144 bytes)The many roads you see on the map for the Floyds Fork Tour can also be taken by bicycle. As a racer and rider who has lived in Floyds Fork area for many years I know the roads extremely well and I would say they are some of the best roads you could find while staying within the metropolitan Louisville area.

What makes these roads great for riding is that they are challenging, scenic, and traffic is light. The roads within the valley are flat and easy to ride on. But then when you have to climb out of the valley there are some brutally steep hills. For example: Going North on Broad Run Road is akin to riding your bike up a wall. The rest of the roads contain gently rolling rises that require effort but not enough to take away from the view. On many of the roads such as Johnson Road and Beckley Station and parts of English Station Roads you can look down and across the valley. This is probably best seen in Spring or Fall when the trees are not so overgrown but the colors create a pretty scene. In 6 years of riding and training in this area I have never encountered a serious problem with any vehicles. The worst that has happened is that I have had a horn honked at me a few times. Most of the other motorists are very respectful and give a wide space when passing. Since there are no bicycle paths you will be forced to ride on the roads. But make an attempt to stay off of Shelbyville and Taylorsville Roads. Traffic is very heavy, and fast, and there is no shoulder to ride on.

I have a couple of short loops of roads that I like to do my race training on. This is one of the favorite rides for me.

Starting at Floyds Fork Park off of Taylorsville Road take a right on to Old Taylorsville Road. Follow this road and you can see the Fork through the treeechotrail.jpg (6414 bytes)s. The first road you come to take a left onto English Station Road. On your right will be the Lausman Oil Company. Go straight across Fisherville Road and continue on English Station. The next road you come to will be Echo Trail. Take a right turn on this road but be careful, it is downhill and off camber and it does happen to be a three way stop. Directly after you turn you will cross a bridge over the Fork. You are very high up and get a decent view.

The Fork here looks kind of like a swamp land almost. Continue down this hill and look at the farm on the left. See if you can spot the emu's hiding in the tall grass. Follow this road up the hill (it's not that bad a hill) and cross over Interstate 64. Shortly after the roads turn into Gilliland Road, but just keep going straight and you will be fine. Soon you will be riding into Eastwood. As soon as you get to a stop sign take a right onto Eastwood Cut-Off, this is a short stretch before you take a left onto Johnson Road where Figaro's Pizza is. Now if you have ridden out from the City or are just a little hungry, stop in, they serve up an excellent, excellent pizza.

wibblehill1.TIF (51480 bytes)Now then, cut straight across U.S. 60 and off down the hill. Now be careful, the road becomes one lane and there are many curves where you cannot see more than a hundred feet down the road. Follow this for a while and look to your left down the valley. This is a fun road because before you get to Aiken Road there is a tight S-curve that goes down a hill. Now when you get to Aiken Road take a left and down a very fast descent. At the bottom of the descent is the fork. Now there is a one lane bridge at this point so look to the other side of the fork before you cross so you can see any other traffic. Now follow Aiken back up the hill, and turn left onto Beckley Station. Now you are at the backside of Lake Forest. Continue to follow this Road and take a left at the four way where an entrance to Lake Forest is. You will go down a small hill but beware of the Railroad tracks at the bottom. Now you Come back up to Shelbyville Road or U.S. 60.

D209815.jpg (44934 bytes)Go across and keep following it down the hill and past the Copperfield subdivision. You will now go under Interstate 64 and on your left will be a sod farm that runs right up next to Floyds Fork. Now prepare your self. Because when you take a right onto Wibble Hill you will hit a grunt of a hill. It isn't to long but it can get you if you aren't in the correct gear. When you get to the top you will be back on English Station. Stay on this road and make to turns at all. Be sure to check to your left to see if you can look back down the valley. Now this will put you back at the intersection of Echo Trail and English Station. Go straight and back to the Floyds Fork Park, or take a left and go around another time. If you do one loop you will get about 13 miles in.

My name is Rob Evans. I graduated from Eastern High School in 1999, I am a cycling "enthusiast" and I have raced for 6 years and now compete at the elite level.


Visit KIPDA's website to learn more about bikeway plans in Jefferson Co.

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