Fisher House

The house at 15103 Old Taylorsville RD., presently owned by J. Cleven Iler, is known as the Fisher house.  Built by tp_fisherhouse.jpg (9715 bytes)John or Robert Fisher about 1834-35 and owned by the Fishers until 1850.  The village that grew up afterward, today bears their name.   The Fishers operated a flour and saw mill on Floyds Fork between 1834-35 and 1850.   The mill has existed since at least 1823.  The Fisher house was built in two stages.  The brick section at the rear was built first, probably as a hall-parlor plan structure facing east towards Floyds Fork.  The 2-story frame section was added after 1879 and reoriented the house to face Taylorsville road.  The house has been nominated to the National Register of Historic Places.  


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