Other Subject Areas and Possible Activities


ff_blkoak.jpg (8473 bytes)1. Identify trees and leaves along Floyds Fork

2. Identify edible roots and berries.

3. Plot anthill locations to study their population.

4. Observe spiders in their webs and their methods of catching their prey.


Earth Science

1. Practice orienteering and reading topographic maps. tr_rocks.jpg (34804 bytes)

2. Make models of the cross-sections of a stream bed showing flow rate, etc.

3. Build a soil profile.

4. Make you own map of Floyds Fork, the Floyds Fork watershed, etc.


Mathff_tree.jpg (35728 bytes)

1. Take photographs of natural objects that indicate the geometry of nature.

2. Find the height of trees by triangulating its shadow.



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